Employee Hosting Server

Welcome to the employee hosting server. This server provides employees with a safe sandbox environment where they can experiment with webdevelopment techniques, PHP programming and databases.

Information on how to use this server:

You can access the server through either SSH or SFTP using your usual username and password. In your homedirectory you will find a directory called public.www, all files and directories within this special directory will be available on the web at https://med.hosted.hr.nl/<employee_code>/, all other files in your homedirectory are private and are not reachable on the web. Furthermore you can manage your database using the web interface at https://sql.hosted.hr.nl.

To access the server through SSH you need an SSH client like PuTTY.
To upload files you need an SCP/SFTP client like WinSCP.

This UNIX/Linux Tutorial for Beginners may be useful for people not already familiar with linux/unix environments.

Note: This server is linux based and therefor it handles files case-sensitively. It is best to use lowercase file and directory names only, otherwise you have to make sure all links to files exactly match the case of the file being pointed to.